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  • Delivery takes place after the production of  custom-made wallpapers or artworks.
  • Delivery takes place at WALMIST unless the parties have agreed upon otherwise.
  • Delivery of products ordered online takes place at the address indicated by the customer.
  • If the agreed price is not paid on time, WALLMIST has the right to suspend its obligations until the agreed price is fully paid.
  • In the event of late payment, the customer is automatically in default, and hereby he cannot object to late delivery by WALMIST

Delivery period

  • Any delivery period specified by WALLMIST is indicative and does not give the customer the right to dissolution or compensation if this period is not met with, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
  • The delivery period starts after the customer has signed the agreement to WALLMIST and is confirmed in writing or electronically by WALLMIST to the customer.
  • Exceeding the specified delivery period does not entitle the customer to compensation or the right to terminate the contract, unless WALLMIST cannot deliver within 30 days or if the parties have agreed upon otherwise.

Actual delivery
The customer must ensure that the actual delivery of the products ordered by him can take place in time. The delivery time should take approximately 14 days.

Transport costs
Transport costs are on behalf of the customer, unless the parties have agreed upon otherwise.

Packaging and shipping

  • If the package of a delivered product is opened or damaged, the customer must have a note drawn up by the forwarder or delivery person before receiving the product. In the absence of which WALLMIST may not be held liable for any damage. However, we would do everything in our power to solve this problem.
  • If the customer himself takes care of the transport of a product, he must report any visible damage to products or the packaging prior to the transport to WALLMIST, failing which WALLMIST cannot be held liable for any damage.


  • The customer undertakes to insure and keep insured the following items adequately against fire, explosion and water damage as well as theft: goods delivered that are necessary for the execution of the underlying agreement goods being property of WALLMIST that are present at the premises of the customer goods that have been delivered under retention of title.
  • At the first request of WALLMIST, the customer provides the policy for these insurances for inspection.

Every wallpaper is unique, tailored and carefully prepared for you. For all these reasons, the wallpapers can’t be returned. However, if the product does not meet your expectations in terms of damage due the delivery, please contact our custom service and we will further help you with this issue.  The same rules and conditions apply to the hand made prints and artworks created by our selected artists.  You may only return the artworks in case it got damaged due the delivery packed in the original packaging within 14 days. Please, contact our customer service, we would be glad to further help you and send you a new one. Finally, returning is not possible for: Custom wallpaper; opened roll; used roll or damaged roll.